The God Project: A History LIVE in Milwaukee

It’s a busy couple of days for The God Project team! Well, moreso for the Author, Bassey Etim, who will be headlining a benefit show for the Milwaukee Public Schools on Dec. 27. The next day, be sure to see Bassey perform a reading and sign copies of of The God Project: A History at Sherman Perk in Milwaukee.

Everything you need to know about The God Project: A History can be found at, optimized for Kindle Fire


God Project: Extras — Now Available

Optimized for Kindle Fire, these short stories will tell you why the book was written, what became of some characters and anecdotes about the childhoods of the prophets. Major Thanks to Taylor Hughes and Strange Outsider Productions for their work on this site. Just the music video is left, then we can consider The God Project officially launched, and hit the road to sell some books!

P.S. Buy The God Project, its cheap, easy and fun! Sorta like your mom. (ooooohhh!)

Released Today: New London Fire - The Dirt, The Blood, The Faith

Check out the new album from God Project collaborators, New London Fire. It is an epic take on the politics of now, and why they damn the future. It features the original version of what we call “The Return of Coppell” on The God Project Soundtrack. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the band that inspired the maddening atmospherics that pervade “The God Project: A History”


The Diary of Jessica Miree 5.18.28

We left everyone we have ever known. Does that seem right?

"To save everything, we must leave everything."

How can humankind be worth saving if we do it by running away from ourselves?

They keep telling me why, and I can remember why I believed them when they told me, but it seems like nonsense now.

Then again, I am still here. And that is all that matters.